Our Wedding Officiant Services

* Silver Wedding Ceremony

An affordable solution for a basic wedding without a rehearsal.  We place your names into a beautiful ceremony and perform your wedding.  No rehearsal attendance or ceremony customization.  The ceremony must be local to Clifton Park, NY.

* Gold Wedding Ceremony

This package is perfect for those couples who want a custom ceremony, but don’t need us to attend and run the rehearsal.

Contact us for more package details!

* Platinum (Premium) Wedding Ceremony

We strive to design a wedding ceremony as unique

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as you are!  Your wedding day is one of the most wonderful experiences that life has to offer.  It’s a day you will want to remember forever.  We’re honored to be part of your special day and will do our best by giving you our very best efforts to make your wedding day one you’ll remember with joy.  With our top of the line wedding package not only do you receive a custom ceremony, but attendance at the rehearsal and an in-person consultation.
Contact us to reserve your date and for more package details!

Contact us about other ministerial services that we offer.

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