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About WeMarryU.com

JimEd2We’re ordained, interfaith, non-denominational ministers.  We believe deeply in the institution of marriage and have been married to the loves of our lives for over 30 years.  We consider wedding to be among the happiest events that life has to offer and we’re honored to share in your special day.  We believe family contributes to a strong marriage and include family members (mother’s, father’s and children) in our ceremonies by incorporating touching ceremonies such as the “Candle Lighting, Sand Unity, Stone Unity, Wine Unity, Hand Fasting, Mothers/Parents Rose Ceremony, and many more.  We’re not just Wedding Officiants, we’re also your wedding ceremony idea consultants!

Many people don’t have a church they can call their own.  We believe that even if you don’t belong to a church, you have the right to be legally married by a minister.  We offer you this opportunity, no matter what your beliefs may or may not be.  We’ll meet with you to review your wedding details and offer suggestions on types of ceremonies you might like.  Whether you’d like to write your own vows, or choose from our samples, we’ll work with you to create the exact type of ceremony you want.  After all, it’s your wedding!

Having a milestone Anniversary coming up?  Want to surprise your spouse with a vow renewal to reaffirm you love for each other.  We can help!  Contact us for details